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Meet Danellia

Danellia Arechiga identifies as a cis woman, her preferred pronouns are she/her. She is a mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She is also a birth worker residing in Long Beach, CA. 
Danellia grew up east of east LA, in Montebello, California. Raised primarily by women among her extended family, Danellia learned the importance of the balance of masculine and feminine energy at a young age. Her matriarchal family structure began when her Grandmother, Maria Lucila Torres, a child of Mexican immigrants, bought her home in El Sereno, CA in 1961. ⠀
Having grown up around so many women, birth was not a foreign event. Birth work first called out to her when she was 14 years old when her nephew Jonathan was born. She felt called to be with her birthing sister and silently hold space. Birth work eventually overwhelmingly took over Danellia’s life when she was 21 years old, after giving birth to her daughter Corrie-Rai. She took her doula training in 2012 and that same year she was invited by a local midwife to attend her first birth and completely fell in love with the art of supporting the laboring person. She has since attended over 50 births. She acknowledges her ability to connect with her clients at a higher level of consciousness by observing each person she works with and intuitively helping them exercise their own best coping methods throughout labor. ⠀

Since first starting birth work, Danellia has become a childbirth educator, placenta encapsulation specialist, and full spectrum doula (includes support through abortion, pregnancy loss, and postpartum) and integrates consciousness, mindfulness, and ancestral medicine into her work. Danellia is passionate about intersectionality and weaves it into her work. 

"Mami Amor" was a nickname given to Danellia by her daughter at age 5. Literally translated into "Mommy love", Danellia felt that this name also beautifully enveloped her feelings for her clients as each birth she has attended has left a mark on her heart. The spelling of Ma Mi Amor quite intentionally means "Mom, my love".

Love to the mother, for the mother, with the mother. Love from one mami to another. ❤️

Danellia is the mother of a wonderful 7 year old. She has a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business Administration from Grand Canyon University. She is dedicated to providing evidence-based information to families about labor, birth and babies. In her spare time she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and swimming. She enjoys physical fitness and cooking. She is a healthy living advocate and believes in living an eco-friendly lifestyle free of as many necessary toxins and chemicals as possible and enjoys helping families live chemical-free without breaking the bank . She uses many yoga techniques and the Mexican rebozo in her practice. She has experience attending births at home, in birthing centers and in the hospital as well as surgical births.