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"It's been such a pleasure meeting Danellia, and becoming educated by her during my first pregnancy was eye-opening. Hers was the very first childbirth class I ever attended and it was very educational, yet not overwhelming. I'm so glad we got the chance to meet as she is professional and passionate about her job. Would definitely use her services again and hopefully, for my second pregnancy, have her be my doula." 

-Dina D.

"Danellia was our natural birth educator and I highly recommend her class. For those of you worried about cost, you get a lot of bang for your buck-- she really is providing you 3 services for the price of 1.

She is super knowledgable and passionate. Her descriptions of the stages of birth gave me a clear roadmap of what to anticipate. She made abstract and complex concepts easy to understand. 

Compared to 3 free Kaiser classes, this HANDS DOWN was more valuable. Those classes were redundant, with little substantive info. One of her 10 min videos on lactation clearly presented info that took more than 2-hours in the Kaiser lactation course. (Read the KP workbook available online to get the essence of the info.)

Her real world experience with local hospitals let us get into the nitty gritty and ask real specific questions.

I used some of her pain management technique (with my doula and partner), an adaptation of her breathing technique, and her ice exercise in the labor room and for the surges (contractions) before hand.

In summary, just do it. Sign up for her class. Birth and postpartum is challenging, especially these days. So get all the support you can get!"

-Desiree M.

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