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Postpartum Care 

Mexican Traditional Medicine

Thank you for reaching out to Ma Mi Amor Birth for your postpartum care needs. 


I am a strong observer of the cuarentena which is an ancient Mexican ritual of 40 days of healing for the birthing person. During this time the birthing person's only job is to rest, bond, and recover. During the postpartum period I will visit with the postpartum person and their family as often as they see fit to provide any combination of the following offerings:


Warm, nutritive teas and soups are essential to helping the womb to gently heal after birth. Simultaneously, your gut and uterus are tucked together nicely and if one is inflamed or upset, the other responds the same. During the postpartum period your gut/uterus requests a delicate balance of warm and easily digestible foods and beverages. As your postpartum doula, I will cook, serve, and store an inventory of nutritive, healing teas and soups for the mother to consume. The family will provide the cost of the groceries needed to cook the foods/beverages. 


Herbal Sitz Baths/Slap Bath

Sitz baths are baths that take place in your restroom in a healing herbal decoction that I will prepare for you in your home. Great for healing the perineal area from tears or general soreness, relieving hemorrhoids, and/or pain, sitz baths are created by boiling healing, fresh, and dried herbs which are strained. The leftover water is placed into a bathtub for the postpartum mom to sit in for short periods of time moving into longer periods as she progresses into recovery. 

Vaginal Compresses

Using the same recipe as the herbal sitz bath above, I create a compress that can be placed like a pad in the underwear for healing of the perineum, anus, and soothe vaginal discomfort and soreness. The vaginal compresses give mom a sense of comfort and cleanliness in the early days postpartum. 

Sacral Steams/Baño Vaginal

Vaginal steams are good for healing the perineum, helping excessive bleeding subside, toning, oxygenating, and cleansing the vagina and reproductive organs. Vaginal steams are comprised of healing, fresh, and dried herbs which are boiled and placed into a clay pot that the mother is encouraged to squat over for a few minutes a day as the hot steam from the herbs make their way into the vaginal area for optimal healing. 


Postpartum Massage/La Sobada

La sobada is a non-invasive postpartum body therapy that is traditionally and vigorously performed for the first 40 days after mom gives birth. Using the healing herbal infused oils of epazote, calendula, and yarrow, this massage soothes inflammation, relieves water retention, aids in detoxification, and helps support the uterus after birth. Through skilled and loving touch, I provide the birthing parent with consistent support in allowing their body to self-heal.

Abdominal Binding (Faja)

Abdominal binding takes many forms. I use the traditional Mexican practice, using a rebozo to tie a faja or girdle. This practice works best after your sacral steam, herbal slap bath, and sobada. It helps stabilize the core muscles, helps hold the bones of the pelvis firmly to provide support, and helps encourage the uterus and other surrounding organs to return to their pre-pregnancy locations and sizes. 

Closing of the Hips/La Cerrada de Caderas

Traditionally after la sobada comes the closing of the hips. The closing of the hips comes from the belief that while you are giving birth your body is in a volatile state that is intune with the universe. During this time, it very easy for your animistic forces to leave the body. By closing the hips, and essentially all of the bones, we are calling those forces back to the body and keeping it closed. Closing the bones is like closing the book on pregnancy and opening up a new one on motherhood. That is my intention for you as I offer you this ancestral tradition. The closing of the hips and body is done by taking an authentic Mexican rebozo and placing it across your body from head to toe and gently but firmly pulling opposite ends of the rebozo together to tighten and close the bones. This process is executed with love, positive intentions, and ancestral support. 


Other offerings:

  • Light laundry and cleaning

  • Basic breastfeeding help

  • Umbilical cord care for baby

  • Diapering (experience with elimination communication, cloth diapers, and disposable)

  • Cultivating time for family bonding

  • Breastcare: lymphatic massage, sore nipples, and thrush remedies

  • Babywearing help


Again, these practices are traditionally performed every day for the first 40 days postpartum, however, these offerings can be done as often or as little as the postpartum person wishes.


Energetic Exchange

My rate for completing any combination of the offerings above is $380 for a minimum of 4 hours of care per visit. I will provide all herbs and materials for all offerings as well as use whatever you have on-hand at home. 

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